2019 Colorado Health IT Roadmap

On November 8th, Colorado's Health IT Roadmap was formally approved by the Governor's Office and unanimously approved by the eHealth Commission for implementation. The plan includes 16 high-level actionable initiatives that can be used as a reference for evaluating the direction of existing and future Health IT projects. Ultimately, the direction provided by this Roadmap will support Colorado's Triple aim—better care, lower costs and improved health for all Coloradans.

Click here to view the finalized document. You can also view basic information on the intiatives, sign up to reserve your own copy of the Roadmap, download our flyer, and view the official press release

Thank you to the 1000+ stakeholders for your input and guidance in creating this Roadmap, without your insight and support this project would not have been possible.

To launch efforts for the Colorado Health IT Roadmap, OeHI, with the support of Mosaica conducted interviews and a series of workshops that were held around the state to understand the wants and needs of individuals working with health information on a daily basis. Clinicians and team members, representatives of insurance firms, representatives of State agencies and departments, community-based organizations and individuals all participated.

OeHI and Mosaica conducted a number of workshops and public forums across Colorado. The vast stakeholder input assisted OeHI in the creation of the Roadmap objectives and initiateves.

Through the workshops held across Colorado, The Office of eHealth Innovation was able to acquire a deeper understanding of individuals wants and needs in regards to health information. Based on the workshop results, input from the project Steering Committee, review of Colorado documents, individual stakeholder interviews, and our knowledge of the Health/Health Information Exchange ecosystem, a list of 14 objectives were developed.

These objectives were distributed in a state-wide survey to obtain broad stakeholder input on the relative importance of these objectives. Over 850 individuals responded to the survey distribution. Of those respondents:

  • 376 respondents requested to be kept informed or volunteered to participate the project
  • 208 respondents provided comments
  • 47 out of the 64 counties within Colorado were represented
  • 24 Colorado Organizations assisted in the survey distribution
  • View the Survey Result Report Here!


Distribution List




1. Care Coordination
2. Consumer Engagement, Empowerment and Health Literacy
3. Affordable and Accessible Health IT
4. Affordable and Accessible Health Analytics
5. Harmonize Data Sharing and Health Information Exchange Capabilities
6. Integration of Multiple Types of Health Data
7. Statewide Health Data Governance
8. Health IT Program Management
9. Privacy and Security of Health Information
10. Consent Management
11. Digital Health Innovation 
12. Statewide Health Information Architecture
13. Ease Quality Reporting Burden
14. Uniquely Identify Person Across Systems
15. Unique Provider Identification and Organizational Affiliations
16. Broadband and Telehealth Access

The eHealth Commission serves as the steering committee for the project. Their purpose is to provide advice and counsel to help steer the Colorado Health IT Roadmap project to success.

Responsibilities include:

  • Provide insight and guidance into shaping Colorado's future Health IT/HIE environment
  • Bring perspectives to the project
  • Ensure that key challenges and issues are addressed
  • Identify opportunities that should be considered
  • Offer guidance to ensure the results provide a solid statewide Health IT/HIE Roadmap
  • Review the final draft of the Roadmap for completeness and reasonableness
  • Publicly support the project

The purpose of the Colorado Health IT Workgroup is to serve as a key information resource for the Roadmap.

Responsibilities include:

  • Stay informed on project progress
  • Ensure State agency needs are well-represented
  • Ensure alignment between the Roadmap and State agency projects
  • Provide insight and guidance into shaping Colorado\'s future Health IT/HIE environment
  • Bring perspectives to the project
  • Identify opportunities that should be considered
  • Identify current and future/potential links between State systems and non-State systems
  • Offer guidance to ensure the results provide a solid statewide Health IT Roadmap

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