Statewide Health Information Governance

What is Health Information Governance?

Health information governance includes the overall management of the availability, quality, integrity, and security of the data being used. Sound health information governance includes a governing body or council, a defined set of policies and procedures, and a plan and resources to execute those procedures. Many times, the terms information governance and data governance are used interchangeably. For the purpose of clarifying this initiative, they are defined as follows.

Health information governance provides the business context in which data is controlled. It is a business or compliance/legal driven approach to managing and controlling how all enterprise content is used, retained, and destroyed.


Information Governance Diagram

The success of health care reform depends on high quality, trusted data, which can be readily and appropriately accessed and shared. 

In Colorado, there are multiple organizations and systems, both public and private, housing health information. Many of these organizations share information, but there are many that cannot effectively and efficiently share their health-related data outside their own organization. This often results in multiple inconsistent "sources of truth" for health data, which result in lack of trust in the data, overlap of requests for data, incomplete information available, lack of integration of clinical and claims data, and overall difficulty in sharing health information necessary for improving the quality and cost of care. 

The purpose of health information governance is to develop and implement policies, common processes, and procedures to improve the accuracy and interoperability of health information so that there is a common statewide approach to managing health information that is shared across organizations.

The information governance effort will lead to high quality, trusted health data -- across the spectrum of health and social services -- that can be readily accessed and used when and where needed. This will result in better quality care at a reduced cost.

Health Information Governance Resources

OeHI established a series of health information governance committees and workgroups to facilitate the review of overall health information governance, as well as specific issues related to data sharing use cases. These use cases include: 

  • Care coordination 
  • Informed consent
  • Quality reporting

The Gravity Project: The Gravity Project is a project designed to identify and harmonize social risk factor data for interpretable electronic health information exchange. 

Colorado Health Information Governance Guidebook:  This guidebook will help providers in Colorado share data securely and effectively. It will be published and available for use soon.

  • As part of OeHI’s commitment to working with the public, we have created this google form where members of the public can provide input and comments about the Information Governance project. We welcome any and all input from Coloradans. The Information Governance Guidebook is revised on a quarterly basis, so any public comments deemed helpful and relevant will be added to the guide book upon its next update. 

Coming Soon- Information Governance Technical Sandbox: Colorado.Developer.GOV

Workgroup Information

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