2021 Colorado Health IT Roadmap

In November 2021, the Offices of the Governor and Lt. Governor approved the updated Colorado Health Information Technology (IT) Roadmap. All eHealth Commissioners voted to approve the Roadmap on October 13, 2021.

The 2021 Roadmap builds on the successes achieved in the 2019 Roadmap. It outlines how to use digital tools and services to support the health of all people in Colorado. These tools can expand health care affordability, access, and equity. The Roadmap sets a course to align stakeholder efforts to achieve three primary goals by 2024.

The Roadmap recommends policy, technology, and funding solutions to achieve these three goals. The Roadmap defines a vision to transform Colorado's current patchwork infrastructure into a more integrated system. This system will enable inclusion and equitable access to data and information for all people in Colorado.

OeHI, the eHealth Commission, state and local agencies, and community partners will steward the Roadmap efforts. Common values will guide the development, prioritization, and implementation of strategies to achieve the three goals.

Thank you to the eHealth Commission and all stakeholders for your input and guidance in creating this Roadmap. Without your insight and support, this project would not have been possible.

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Community Engagement Opportunities: Health IT Roadmap Refresh

Over the past three years, Colorado’s 2021 Health IT Roadmap has guided the transformation of the state’s Health IT landscape. The Office of eHealth Innovation (OeHI), the State-Designated Entity for health information technology (health IT) strategy, policy, and funding coordination, has made great strides in advancing the goals outlined in the 2021 Roadmap. In 2024, OeHI is working to update the Health IT Roadmap by working with the Colorado community to capture current and future health IT needs from a policy, infrastructure, and governance perspective. Colorado’s updated Health IT Roadmap will continue to focus on a coordinated technology landscape, digital tools and services, and opportunities to leverage different funding streams and policies to support equitable use of health IT, enabling inclusion and equitable access to data and information for all people in Colorado. OeHI will use a variety of outreach strategies to hear from the Colorado community, including funding organizations to host listening sessions with their staff or members of their community to uncover the biggest health IT challenges and needs. 

Funding for Listening Sessions

OeHI is funding safety net and community-based organizations to host listening sessions to help gather input. Funding these organizations is a way to put resources into critical community institutions while also ensuring that participating staff and Coloradans feel comfortable and have the ability to provide input, as these organizations understand their community's cultural and language needs.

Organizations were chosen for funding based on their location within the state, the communities they serve, and accommodations provided to participants in the listening session.

Funding Timeline: 

  • May 13th - Application closes.
  • May 17th - The contact provided in the form will be notified of an award.
  • June 7th - Small Dollar Grant Agreements are finalized/executed. 
  • June 8th through 30th - Awarded organizations host listening sessions. 
  • June 30th - Awarded organizations submit the notes and sign-in sheets from the listening sessions. 
  • No later than July 31st - Awarded organizations receive the amount of funding listed in their Small Dollar Grant Agreement.

Request a Visit from OeHI

In addition, the OeHI team will be traveling to communities across the state to hear about the health IT needs and challenges most impacting healthcare organizations and Coloradans today and in the future. To request a site visit from the OeHI team, please fill out the form linked below, and the OeHI team will follow up with you. 

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2021 Roadmap Goals

Goal 1: Coloradans, providers, payers, community partners, state, local, and Tribal agencies share data and have equitable access to needed health and social information.

Goal 2: Coloradans access high-quality in-person, virtual, and remote health services that are coordinated through information and technology systems.

Goal 3: Colorado improves health equity through the inclusive and innovative use of trusted health IT and digital health solutions.

The goals of the 2019 Health IT Roadmap were to support better care, lower costs, and improved health for all people in Colorado.

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OeHI partnered with the eHealth Commission and the Colorado Health Institute (CHI) to update the 2019 Roadmap. We engaged partners to hear as many perspectives and insights as possible. This engagement was critical for assessing policy, funding, and technology needs. Community engagement activities included: 

  • More than 50 stakeholder meetings
  • Virtual regional learning collaborative telemedicine meetings
  • Community meetings in Haxtun and Trinidad
  • Two virtual public listening sessions
  • An online survey
  • The Annual Innovation Summit with Prime Health in September 2021

Without this community engagement, the 2021 Roadmap would not be as comprehensive.