Dollars to Digitize Grant Opportunity


ARPA 6.06 - Dollars to Digitize

Total Award Amount: $26 Million

Who is Eligible: Medicaid-enrolled home and community-based services (HCBS) providers, Medicaid-enrolled behavioral health providers, and ‘outgoing’ Case Management Agencies (CMAs); not participating in the CMA redesign.

Summary of project: The purpose of this project is to provide funding to home and community-based providers to digitally transform their care delivery. Funding will include investments in upgrading or implementing electronic health record systems to be able to better coordinate care, access real-time information through health information exchanges, and the purchase of tools necessary for the delivery of virtual services. This project will leverage lessons and processes from the Department’s Electronic Health Record incentive program and the Office of eHealth Innovation’s telemedicine projects, with a focus on inclusive and equitable approaches and solutions. These funds will be provided through a competitive grant program that is aligned with other developing efforts, such as HB 21-1289, “Funding for Broadband Deployment.”

Fall 2022 Grantee List

Summer 2023 Grantee List

Summary of all 223 ARPA 6.06 D2D Grants awarded:

  • 142 Home and Community Based Service (HCBS) Providers
  • 55 Behavioral Health Providers
  • 13 Community Mental Health Centers (CMHCs)
  • 11 Outgoing Case Management Agencies*

Diversity and Impact Metrics:

  • 102 Serve Rural communities (46%)
  • 203 Small Businesses (91%)
  • 107 Woman Owned (48%)
  • 54 Minority Owned (24%)
  • 11 Veteran Owned (5%)
  • 64 Employ people with disabilities (28%)

Materials: All documents related to the Dollars to Digitize ARPA 6.06 grant program can be found in this folder

Questions? Please submit questions to gov.arpa.oehi@state.co.us. All questions and responses will be posted publicly without identifying information in the ARPA 6.06 FAQs document

*ARPA 6.06 has also allocated EHR funding for new CMAs in the CM Redesign Start-up Grant.