Regional SHIE Hubs


What are the Regional SHIE Hubs?

The Regional Social Health Information Exchange (SHIE) Hubs are a component of the SHIE Program that invests in community-driven infrastructure. Regional SHIE Hubs will ensure that SHIE development is driven by the needs and priorities of people in Colorado.

This initiative aligns with the HHS Call to Action: Addressing Health-Related Social Needs in Communities Across the Nation and the 2023 HHS Data Strategy, emphasizing health equity and social care integration.


OPEN NOW: Regional SHIE Hubs Request for Information (RFI)

This Request for Information (RFI) is open May 13-31, 2024 for organizations who are considering applying for the Regional SHIE Hubs Request for Applications (RFA) later this year.

This RFI is a Google Form that you can fill out in less than 15 minutes. It will ask you a few high-level questions about your organization and the populations you serve.

This RFI will help OeHI gauge community interest in the upcoming RFA process for internal planning purposes.

Participation in the RFI does not advantage any future RFA submissions, and is not a requirement of funding.

Please submit your information by 11:59 pm MT on May 31, 2024. If you have questions about this RFI, email gov_shie_rfa_oehi@state.co.us

 Submit a Response to the Regional SHIE Hubs RFI

Informational Webinar

We hosted a live webinar on May 1, 2024 to provide an overview of our approach to Regional SHIE Hubs.

Click the buttons below to watch the recording and view the slides, transcript, and notes from the presentation.

Watch the Webinar Recording on YouTube

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View the Webinar Notes (Including Q&A)

View the Webinar Transcript

Please note that the exact program guidelines and timelines are subject to federal approval. The official RFA documentation will provide the most up to date information about the solicitation.

Request for Applications: Regional SHIE Hubs

We will be launching a Request for Applications (RFA) grants process for Regional SHIE Hubs later in 2024.

This grant opportunity is for community organizations seeking to share data through the SHIE Architecture to improve the delivery of coordinated care. 

Coming Soon: Request for Applications for Regional SHIE Hubs