SHIE Statewide Unifying Architecture


What is the SHIE Statewide Unifying Architecture?

The Social Health Information Exchange (SHIE) is composed of multiple parts. One of the parts that makes up SHIE is the statewide unifying architecture, or SHIE Architecture

The SHIE Architecture is the secure overarching network that will allow for the sharing of health information between providers.

The goal of the SHIE Architecture is to establish a data sharing infrastructure and framework that exchanges data across sectors and silos to enable the delivery of data-driven, responsive whole-person care.

This initiative aligns with the HHS Call to Action: Addressing Health-Related Social Needs in Communities Across the Nation and the 2023 HHS Data Strategy, emphasizing health equity and social care integration.

The SHIE Statewide Unifying Architecture development began in November 2023.

To learn more about our approach to building the SHIE Architecture, check out our overview slides linked below.

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Ultimate Goals of the SHIE Statewide Unifying Architecture

  • Surface relevant resource and program data  
    • Share data between state systems to streamline the delivery of services
    • Share information with providers and case managers that help people in Colorado connect to the programs and resources they need to thrive
  • Build a more complete profile of an individual’s social health 
    • Integrate data across care coordination and provider touch points
    • Integrate social health assessment and referral data across platforms
    • Integrate service delivery data (where available)
  • Increase visibility into the delivery of social and behavioral services in a community
    • Identify social and behavioral health needs of the community
    • Understand the capacity of the support network in a region
  • Route referrals for improved transparency and operational efficiency
    • Organize and transmit referrals coming to and from state systems and external systems
  • Lower barriers for CBOs to join their local network
    • Build in data exchange and limited care coordination capabilities that encourage CBO participation

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

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Who is building the SHIE Architecture? 
  • We are excited to partner with Resultant to develop a scalable, adaptable, and sustainable statewide unifying architecture.
  • Resultant was awarded following a competitive solicitation process in November 2023.
What is the timeline for the SHIE Architecture?
  • Development of the SHIE Architecture began in November 2023.
  • We will be releasing new versions of the SHIE Architecture in phases that include particular use cases. Each phase will expand upon previous phases, and will support additional use cases. 
  • The first phase is set to be released in Fall 2024. 
What are the initial use cases for the SHIE Architecture?
  • Home and Community-Based Services – Streamlining the transitions process for individuals who are moving from institutional settings such as nursing facilities back into their communities
    • Transition Coordination is a benefit for Health First Colorado members who qualify for a Home and Community Based Services (HCBS) waiver. This service helps members who are in institutional settings, like nursing facilities, decide if moving back into the community is right for them and helps them transition into the community. Our goal is to digitize the manual parts of this process so that organizations involved can better communicate and work together to support members’ transitions back into their communities.
  • Housing – Connecting the dots for Medicaid members in need of housing 
    • There are various support programs in Colorado for individuals who are experiencing homelessness, including programs specifically for Health First Colorado members. Our goal is to automate the currently manual workflow so that the organizations supporting individuals with accessing housing resources can more effectively identify individuals who are eligible for both housing and Medicaid benefits.
What systems are you planning to connect to the SHIE Architecture?
  • Specific data systems will be shared publicly once they are officially connected to the SHIE Architecture. 
  • Data systems in-scope for the SHIE Architecture include, but are not limited to:
    • Systems that capture social determinants of health (SDoH) screenings and referrals to social care services.
    • Systems and databases that capture resource data, including community resource inventories and provider directories.
    • Systems that provide information on state- and federally-managed programs.
Is the SHIE Architecture going to replace my current systems? 
  • No! All SHIE work is complementary and not duplicative or competitive with existing systems.
  • SHIE is intended to be a network of networks. The statewide unifying architecture will be the connective tissue that links together regional and statewide systems that are not currently connected.
How can my organization participate in SHIE?
  • If you are interested in participating in a discovery session to help us better understand how your organization currently uses technology to support care coordination, fill out this SHIE Discovery Session Interest Form.
  • If you are interested in learning more about the upcoming Request for Applications for Regional SHIE Hubs, check out our Regional SHIE Hubs page.