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Social Health Information Exchange Invitation to Negotiate - ITN UHAA 2023000004

Applications are closed as of January 27, 2023; evaluations and negotiations are in progress.

All relevant procurement documents and information can be found on the State's procurement website.

Please direct all questions to our procurement official:

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What is Care Coordination?

Unmet social needs such as housing, food, transportation, and safety, significantly affect the health of Coloradans, especially in communities of color and other historically marginalized communities. These unmet needs prevent folks from achieving their maximum health and well-being.

To address this gap, we are working on several projects that will coordinate care across physical, behavioral, and social health care providers to support whole person care. This will:

  • Promote affordability
  • Increase access
  • Improve equity

Strengthening care coordination by quickly connecting people to the services they need will result in a healthier, more equitable Colorado for all.

Click below to learn more about the State's care coordination strategy. 

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Care Coordination Workgroup Meetings

OeHI’s Care Coordination Workgroup is on hiatus beginning in early 2023 as we develop a data governance strategy for our social-health information exchange. 

This workgroup seeks to strengthen community connections to develop meaningful insights in support of equitable access to quality care and services for all Coloradans.

eHealth Commissioner Sponsor: Toni Baruti

Past Meeting Documents:

Care Coordination-Related Initiatives at OeHI


A centralized method of gathering consent from clients for sharing sensitive health data.

Learn more here!


A centralized database of services and supports available in communities across the state.

To learn more about Community Resource Inventory (CRI), check out CU School of Public Affairs' research brief on Colorado's CRI landscape and its impacts on social health information exchange:

View CRI Research Brief


A program to link a person’s health data from various sources to that individual.

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A platform to share physical, behavioral, and social health information between providers involved in whole-person care, composed of both a statewide unifying architecture and regional hubs

  • OeHI and the eHealth Commission are committed to the development of a Social Health Information Exchange (SHIE) infrastructure. This is an interoperable and flexible infrastructure that supports coordinated whole person care across the physical, social, and behavioral health domains. 
  • SHIE is a model that connects the social factors that influence health with a patient’s physical and behavioral health care. Through this model, regardless of where a patient seeks care, they can be referred directly to other providers or services in the community that match their needs. Regardless of where a patient seeks care, they should be able to access or be referred to services that meet their physical, behavioral, and social health needs! 
  • The SHIE aims to reduce provider time spent on paperwork while also providing them with more whole person information about their patients. This will allow them to spend more time assessing a patient’s complex needs and referring them to applicable services and supports, paving the way for improvements in health equity. This also means that patients will experience improved quality of care, less time and money spent at the doctor’s office, and increased access to the services and support they need. 

SHIE Invitation to Negotiate

  • The SHIE Invitation to Negotiate has been posted and applications are closed as of January 27, 2023. Negotiations are in progress.
  • All relevant procurement documents and information can be found on the State's procurement website.
  • Please direct all questions to our procurement official:

A centralized database to ensure there is “no wrong door” in Colorado for patients seeking accurate provider data and for providers seeking to update their own information.

To learn more about the State of Colorado's Provider Directory Strategy, check out the one-pager below:

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Tools for Understanding Social Health Information Exchange in Colorado


Additional Resources

New Resource: Colorado Social Determinants of Health (SDoH) Vendor Guide

The SDoH Vendor Guide is a noncomprehensive list of SDoH services and tools available in Colorado. This guide was compiled by OeHI. SDoH service organizations provided the information below via an open Request for Information.

This guide is meant to be a helpful resource and is not an official endorsement of vendors, products, or services by OeHI or the State of Colorado. This guide was last updated in May 2023 and will be updated periodically.

View the SDoH Vendor Guide

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