Care Coordination


What is Care Coordination?

Unmet social needs such as housing, food, transportation, and safety, significantly affect the health of Coloradans, especially in communities of color and other historically marginalized communities. These unmet needs prevent folks from achieving their maximum health and well-being.

To address this gap, we are working on several projects that will coordinate care across physical, behavioral, and social health care providers to support whole person care. This will:

  • Promote affordability
  • Increase access
  • Improve equity

Strengthening care coordination by quickly connecting people to the services they need will result in a healthier, more equitable Colorado for all.

Click below to learn more about the State's care coordination strategy. 

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Care Coordination Workgroup Meetings

OeHI’s Care Coordination Workgroup is on hiatus beginning in early 2023 as we develop a data governance strategy for our social-health information exchange. 

This workgroup seeks to strengthen community connections to develop meaningful insights in support of equitable access to quality care and services for all Coloradans.

eHealth Commissioner Sponsor: Toni Baruti

To view past meeting materials, email gov_ask_oehi@state.co.us 


Social Health Information Exchange (SHIE)


Check out our SHIE page for the latest updates and resources about this exciting initiative! 


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Care Coordination-Related Initiatives at OeHI



A centralized method of gathering consent from clients for sharing sensitive health data.

Learn more about consent management!


A centralized database of services and supports available in communities across the state.

To learn more about Community Resource Inventory (CRI), check out CU School of Public Affairs' research brief on Colorado's CRI landscape and its impacts on social health information exchange:

View CRI Research Brief


A program to link a person’s health data from various sources to that individual.

Learn more about identity resolution!


A network to share physical, behavioral, and social health information between providers involved in whole-person care, composed of both a statewide unifying architecture and regional hubs. 

Learn more about Social Health Information Exchange!

A centralized database to ensure there is “no wrong door” in Colorado for patients seeking accurate provider data and for providers seeking to update their own information.

To learn more about the State of Colorado's Provider Directory Strategy, check out the one-pager below:

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January 2024 Report: Recommendations to Support the Data Landscape of Colorado’s Local Public Health Agencies

To better understand local public health agencies’ (LPHAs’) data strategies, needs, and gaps, stakeholder interviews were conducted with 19 LPHAs from across the state. Participating LPHAs were representative in terms of geography and population size, and included representation from frontier, rural, and urban counties.

Using the interview findings, OeHI and CDPHE identified action steps that the State can pursue to improve the data sharing landscape for LPHAs in Colorado. Our recommendations center around equity, data governance, and engagement.

This work was completed in partnership with the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment (CDPHE), Colorado Community Managed Care Network (CCMCN), and Colorado Association of Local Public Health Officials (CALPHO).

View Recommendations to Support the Data Landscape of Colorado’s Local Public Health Agencies


Colorado Social Determinants of Health (SDoH) Vendor Guide

The SDoH Vendor Guide is a noncomprehensive list of SDoH services and tools available in Colorado. This guide was compiled by OeHI. SDoH service organizations provided the information below via an open Request for Information.

This guide is meant to be a helpful resource and is not an official endorsement of vendors, products, or services by OeHI or the State of Colorado. This guide was last updated in November 2023 and will be updated periodically.

View the Current SDoH Vendor Guide

Solicitation UHAA 2024000063 Request for Information

DEADLINE: May 8, 2024, 3 PM MT

This is an open opportunity for technology vendors providing social determinants of health (SDoH) services in Colorado to share information about their available products and services to organizations who may be delivering or referring clients to SDoH supports. Please fill out the request for information (RFI) form linked below to be added as a vendor in the Colorado Office of eHealth Innovation's SDoH Vendor Guide, a publicly available resource aimed at promoting transparency and helping potential clients view services in one place.

Examples of eligible vendor services include but are not limited to: 

  • Connection to Statewide Health/Social Information Networks
  • Outcome Tracking
  • Screening Tools
  • Social Needs Scores
  • Technical Support
  • Closed-loop Referrals
  • SDoH Data Sets

Community-based organizations do not need to submit a response.

If your organization previously submitted information for the SDoH Vendor Guide, you do not need to fill out this form again. If you would like to update the information that was previously submitted and currently displayed in the Guide, please email your requested changes to gov_ask_oehi@state.co.us

Please note that this posting is not a traditional RFI, formally defined and managed within the VSS system. This posting is not in connection with the Department of Health Care Policy and Financing (HCPF) or the State of Colorado Price Agreement List (NASPO) but rather is meant to be a publicly available resource for informational purposes only. This posting will be open semi-annually. This form is not in any way related to any active or future procurements by the State of Colorado.

Fill out this Google Form to submit a response to the Spring 2024 SDoH Vendor RFI


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