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About Us

The Office of eHealth Innovation was formed as a direct result of a consensus between public and private stakeholders on the need of Health IT governance. This group of stakeholders formed the Health IT State Designated Entity Action Committee and helped define the purpose of OeHI as a State Designated Entity (SDE).

In November 2015, Governor John Hickenlooper signed Executive Order B 2015-008 to officially create the Governor’s Office of eHealth Innovation and the eHealth Commission, with fiscal and administrative support from Health Care Policy and Financing (Health First Colorado).

Our goal is to advance health equity and reduce health disparities through coordinated health information technology policies, funding, and technology in Colorado.  

To ensure that OeHI and the eHealth Commission create a strategy that reflects the wants and needs of Coloradans, they have created a Health IT Roadmap, which defines strategic initiatives to close the gaps in healthcare for patients and providers.

Not only is this roadmap key to modernizing Colorado’s health care systems, it is also instrumental for identifying and reducing the redundancy of efforts between public and private spheres of the healthcare industry.


Our Vision

Accelerate technology-driven health transformation by aligning public and private initiatives to support Colorado’s commitment to become the healthiest state in the nation

Our Mission

To promote the expanded use of Health IT in Colorado. The office of eHealth Innovation will identify priorities to:

  • Establish an open and transparent state wide collaborative effort to develop common policies, procedures and technology approaches that will enhance Colorado’s Health IT network.
  • Promote and advance data sharing by reducing or removing barriers to effective information sharing.
  • Support health innovation and transformation by enhancing Colorado’s health information infrastructure.
  • Improve health in Colorado by promoting the meaningful use of Health IT.
Goals and Objectives
  • Collaborate with key leaders throughout Colorado to advance the adoption and integration of technology to improve health.
  • Identify strategies that will promote data sharing and remove barriers to health information sharing.
  • Serve as a central point to coordinate and distribute funding of Colorado Health IT priorities.


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